Flooring Installations


Flooring Installations

All of our installers have completed a thorough 1 year pre-apprenticeship and 4 year apprenticeship training program specific to the installation of florrcoverings. Many manufacturers also require additional certifications to insure their products are properly installed.

PCI FlorTech, Inc. flooring installation professionals consist of:

  • Forbo Master Mechanics
  • Armstrong Certified Mechanics
  • FreeAxez Certified
  • Nora Certified
  • Lees neofloor certified
  • Collins & Aikman certified
  • Kool Glide seaming system Certified

Additionally, we are seeing tremendous growth in the market in regards to surface preparation. This increase in demand is due to a variety of reasons such as the increased use of sealers and/or curing agents in new concrete and the requirements of manufacturer’s to remove old residues from the existing concrete prior to the application of the new solvent-free adhesives used in installations today. We are continually updating both our equipment needs as well as our installation techniques to keep up with the growing demand for surface preparation.

Deliveries to your job site are performed by our in house staff via our own trucks, insuring that your project is handled completely in house – from start to finish- Whether it is carpet, vinyl composition tile, linoleum, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl, laminate, wood flooring, or floor preparation you can be assured our mechanics have been thoroughly trained to help you fulfill your floor covering requirement.