Flooring Maintenance

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Flooring Maintenance

To keep your new floor looking great and performing at its best requires a structured maintenance plan. Not only does this extend the look of your floor, it extends its life. A well-maintained floor is also essential for the health and well being of your employees. As flooring starts to break down,that leaves the door open for injuries. But with proper maintenance,your flooring never becomes a workplace hazard.

Carpeting presents a whole other list of challenges. It can house bacteria and allergens that, can make air quality less than ideal. A situation that can actually decrease employee productivity because of additional sick days and a general sense of not feeling well at work. But with proper maintenance, this is a non-issue, and employee productivity remains constant.

At StarNet®, we will help you develop the ideal flooring maintenance schedule for your floor. Period. Because we’re a StarNet® member, we have no mill or cleaning product affiliations, which means our maintenance recommendations are completely unbiased. They’re based on what works best for your flooring, not our vendors.

Not only do we help you develop a cost-effective flooring maintenance plan, we ensure that the maintenance service you receive will produce the best results.

Regardless of who installed your flooring,we know how to take care of it.

Because the flooring project doesn’t end once the floor is installed. It’s part of our job to see that it lasts for years and years to come. Single source responsibility, one-stop service.

Whether your requirement is a restorative cleaning, initial application of finish to resilient flooring or an ongoing comprehensive maintenance program we can assist you. Maintenance services are performed by our sister company “The Invironmentalists Maintenance Company” (a.k.a TIMCO) and can either be contracted with us or directly from them, whichever suits your needs.

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