Furniture Lift


Furniture Lift

Occupied commercial environments present extra ordinary challenges when replacing floor covering. Besides the disruption that can be caused there are a number of ancillary costs and logistical problems if furniture has to be disassembled to accommodate a renovation.

Some of these items as noted below can cost more than the basic removal & installation costs:

  • I.T. Costs
  • Telephony Costs
  • Lost Time
  • Business disruption
  • Furniture Disassembly, moving, and reassembly
  • Packaging Costs

Furniture lift services eliminate the bulk of these problems and allow us to renovate your facility with little or no down time. This can be especially critical in healthcare environments. Using custom made equipment we gently lift systems furniture just enough to allow removal and installation of new floor coverings. There are systems specific to office, retail and library environments. Work can be completed in phases during off hours to transform your workplace overnight while avoiding the problems and costs associated with disassembly and moving This process involves very little effort on your part and our team of professionals can handle the whole process.